Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bulimia Tips: How to be Bulimic Safely

In this post we tell you a few bulimia tips, that encourages the development and continuation of bulimia lifestyle safely. Bulimia tips that instructs someone on how to quickly develop bulimia are irresponsible and dangerous. Bulimia tips should help people who have bulimia moves towards recovery at their own pace.

Some bulimia tips are helpful because they can help reduce the dangerous side effects of bulimia while the person is working towards recovery. Recovery from bulimia is a process that often takes a significant amount of time. People recovering from bulimia may experience relapse is in which they binge, purge, or both. Anyone recovering from bulimia should have patience with their own personal recovery process.

How to become Bulimic Safely!
Como ser Bulimica 

One bulimia tip is to avoid using pills and medication. Some people with bulimia use ipecac syrup to make themselves vomit. Using syrup of ipecac can be fatal. The habitual use of laxatives can cause the body to become dependent on the laxatives and be unable to expel waste on its own. This can cause chronic constipation.

The use of laxatives and diuretics can lead to a serious electrolyte imbalance from a lack of potassium. A healthful bulimia tip would be to regularly eat food that is high in potassium. Some people recovering from bulimia take potassium supplements, but often the food absorbs nutrients better from food than from supplements. Foods high in potassium include bananas, prunes, soy products, spinach, cantaloupe, mushrooms, citrus fruit, strawberries, salmon, and turkey.

The binging and purging of bulimia can be seen as being caused by unhealthy thoughts. Therefore, one of the most healthful bulimia tips is to get professional therapy with someone experienced in helping people with eating disorders. The person recovering from bulimia and needs to learn how to challenge distorted thinking as well as supporting necessary changes in the person’s behavior.

Because the binging and purging can be triggered by stress and overwhelming emotions, a bulimia tip is to learn to cope with stress in healthy ways. Relaxation techniques and developing a hobby such as art or writing can help the person deal with stress in a positive way. The person recovering from bulimia should have a plan of what they will do when they get the urge to either binge purge.

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